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Voucher & discount code

How can I purchase a voucher?

You can find the gift vouchers in our online shop. After payment you will receive an email with the voucher.

What do I do if I haven't received a voucher?

If you have not received an email with your voucher, please check your spam folder first. If no voucher has been sent, please contact our customer service. We will help you as soon as possible.

How do I redeem the voucher or discount code?

To redeem a voucher code, enter it in the field provided in the shopping cart.

Can I combine several voucher codes with one another?

Unfortunately, a combination is not possible. Exactly one voucher code can be redeemed per order.

What happens to my voucher if I do not use it completely when I place an order?

If you have only partially redeemed a voucher, the remaining credit on this voucher is still available. If you have any problems with this, please contact our customer service directly.

What happens to my voucher if I return my order or parts of it or if it is canceled?

A voucher will be booked back onto the purchased voucher after a return or cancellation. The voucher is active again and can be used again.